Do you know what spunlace nonwoven fabric is?

Do you know what spunlace nonwoven fabric is? Spunlace nonwoven fabric is one of many nonwoven fabrics. Everyone may feel unfamiliar to hear the name, but in fact, we often use spunlace nonwoven products in our daily life, such as wet towels, cleaning wipes, disposable face towels, facial mask paper, etc. This article I will introduce spunlace nonwoven fabrics in detail.

The Process Of Spunlaced Nonwoven Fabric

Nonwoven fabric is a kind of fabric that does not need to be woven. It just arranges polypropylene, polyester, and other fiber materials directed or randomly to form a fiber net structure, and then uses mechanical, chemical, or thermal bonding methods to reinforce them. Simply speaking, it is the bonding of fibers directly together, but it’s not interwoven and knit together by yarns. Therefore, when we get the nonwoven fabric, we will find that it has no warp and weft threads, and the thread residues can not be drawn out. It is easier to cut, sew and shape. The nonwoven fabric has the characteristics of short process flow, wide source of raw materials, fast production rate, low cost, high output, multiple product types, and wide application. It can also be made into cloths with different thicknesses, hand feeling, and hardness according to requirements.

Nonwoven fabric can be divided into wet process nonwoven fabric and dry process nonwoven fabric according to the manufacturing process. The wet profess refers to the final formation of the nonwoven fabric is in water. The process is usually used in papermaking.
Among them, spun lace nonwoven fabric refers to a nonwoven fabric made with spun lace process, and the water thorn machine produces a high-pressure water needle (using a high-pressure multi-strand fine water jet) to jet the web. After the high-pressure water needle passes through the web, shoot it onto the contained metal mesh conveyor belt, and as the mesh enclosure bounces, the water spatters through it again, which continuously punctures, spreads, and uses hydraulic to make fibers generate displacement, inserted, entangled, and huddle, thereby reinforcing the web to form a strong, uniformly spun lace thin fiber web. The resulting fabric is the spun lace nonwoven fabric.

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Post time: Dec-02-2022