Nonwoven spunlace wipes are incredibly valuable for businesses

What Are Nonwoven Spunlace Wipes?
Nonwoven spunlace wipes are incredibly valuable for businesses around the world. In fact, industries including industrial cleaning, automotive, and printing are just a few of those that leverage this product in their daily operations.

Understanding Nonwoven Spunlace Wipes
What makes spunlace wipes unique is their composition and construction. They are made of a “nonwoven spunlace fabric”. To explain, this is actually a family of fabrics created using a process (invented by Dupont in the 1970s and also called hydroentangled spunlacing) that assembles rows of high-powered water jets to “lace” (or entwine) the short fibers together, thus the name spunlacing.
Several different fibers can be used in the spunlacing process, but for wipes, woodpulp and polyester are the most popular. When these fibers are laced together, the high-power water jet technology provides great strength to the fabrics in both directions without the use of binders or glues.
Additionally, the weight of the spunlace fabric is light compared to most woven fabrics. Wovens range from 4 to 8 ounces per pound while spunlaced fabrics provide enhanced strength and absorbency at 1.6 to 2.2 ounces per pound. The benefit of this to you, the end-user, is that a wipe manufacturer using spunlace fabrics provides you more wipes per pound.

The Uses and Benefits of Spunlace Wipes
It is interesting to understand the history of the products you use; recognizing their benefits to your business and ultimately your bottom line is key. And, spunlace wipes are truly valuable.
Originally, these fabrics were used for medical supplies, in particular, disposable patient gowns and drapes that were soft, low lint, and absorbed a blood resistant coating to protect operating room doctors and nurses from the AIDS virus. As a result, the spunlace nonwoven wiping cloth industry was born.
Over time, more and more businesses have recognized their benefits among which is the fact that they are incredibly cost-effective. Because they are lighter than other similar woven products, you get more wipes per pound. And, more bang for your buck. That said, just because they cost less does not mean you need to sacrifice quality, they are essentially lint-free, soft, solvent resistant, and strong when used wet or dry. Because they are so cost-effective, most end users dispose of them and simply use a new wipe for each job. This provides the added benefit of a completely clean start to each and every task, leaving machinery and surfaces free of unwanted deposits.
Spunlace wipes outperform comparable products AND cost less.

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Post time: Dec-13-2022