Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Uses

Having good moisture absorption and permeability ability, the non-woven spunlace material is widely used on various occasions.

The spunlace nonwoven fabric is widely employed in the medical industry and production of personal care products wholesale for its soft, disposable, and biodegradable features.

As one of the professional non-woven dry wips manufacturers in China, Huasheng can help you to produce various spunlace non-woven fabric products for various uses, including hygienic use, cosmetics use, and home care use, etc.

This soft absorbent cotton disposable bath towel is made from spunlace non woven fabric,which is suitable for body covering after bath or at the beach.It’s super soft and absorbent, which is loved by customers.


This household cleaning wipes made of spunlace nonwoven can be used to wipe dishes and kitchen equipment. It has strong detergency and water absorption.