Travel with compressed towels: a multipurpose essential every traveller should pack

Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve craved a washcloth? If so, travel with Compressed Towels, a multipurpose essential in every travel bag. Mopping up spills, removing a combination of trail dust and perspiration, wiping away mango juice after a messy but satisfying treat — these and a host of other scenarios require a handy solution for people on the move. Compressed Towels are a perfect fit, especially for the packing light traveller.

What are Compressed Towels?
Roughly the size of a couple of Life Saver candies, and almost as light as air, these little babies explode into soft yet durable washcloths when introduced to water.
They don’t require much water to transform into a cloth. If you’re away from running water, pop a Compressed Towel into your cupped hand and add a couple of teaspoons of water from your water bottle. Presto! It’s ready for action.
They’re so durable, one towel could be used many times over.


The many uses of Compressed Towels

If you regularly use a washcloth, don’t be surprised to discover that washcloths aren’t as commonly supplied in accommodation in other countries as they are in North America. Travel with your own, or a small collection of Compressed Towels.
Keep a few in your first-aid kit for cleaning abrasions and minor wounds.
Use one as a dishtowel when camping, or when one isn’t supplied at your accommodation.
When hiking, cycling, or planning active days, keep one handy for wiping away perspiration, city grime, or trail and road dust.
For those long flights, bus trips, or train rides, use one to freshen up. Between connections when a sponge bath is the closest you’ll come to a shower, carry a pack of soap leaves or your favourite facial wash for combining with a Compressed Towel.
In a dry environment, cover your nose and mouth and breathe through a moistened towel. On a long flight, work this into your in-flight regimen several times to keep nasal passages moist.
Does something need to be strained? Eliminate coffee grounds from your cup of campfire coffee, or the herbs from herbal tea, with a Compressed Towel used as a strainer.
For those who’ve never seen or heard of Compressed Towels, demonstrating how they work is worth it for the entertainment value. As such, they make great gifts for the uninitiated.
Need to stay alert and not nod off? Reach for a moistened Compressed Towels.
Do you wear nail polish? Unlike cotton balls that tend to disintegrate when removing nail polish, a Compressed Towel dabbed with a small amount of nail polish remover stays intact.
Travelling with children? Need I say more? They’re soft and safe for delicate and sensitive skin.
Find yourself without toilet paper? I carry a pack of three-ply tissues for this purpose but Compressed Towels could be used as a substitute, or in an emergency.

Post time: Oct-17-2022