What is magic compressed coin tablet towel?

What is magic compressed coin tablet towel?

The magic towels is a compact tissue cloth, made out of 100% cellulose, it expands in seconds and unrolls into a 21x23 cm or 22x24cm durable towel when a splash of water is added to it.

Compared with traditional towels, what are the advantages of compressed tissue?

1. Safe, Pure natural non woven fabric.
Compressed tissue cloth comes without any added chemicals or any other ingredients like perfumes, preservatives or alcohol.Suitable for any skin, especially sensitive skin without irritation.

2. Small size, Easy to keep it.
The compress tissue towel size is :1x2cm, like a coin. when you put it into water then it becomes a face towel. and these clothes are much stronger and durable than traditional toilet papers.so you can keep them in your pocket, your purse, toiletries, emergency kit, panniers.

Where can I use the compressed towel?

The wet towel coin tissues are multi-purpose handy wipes have versatile uses at camping, like. kitchen, restaurants, sports, toilet, feminine hygiene etc.
Use as a wash cloth to clean the kitchen.
Use as a towel to clean your face and hand.
Use it in hotel, restaurants(catering), Spa, Salon, Resort.
Also be used for promotional gifts, advertising products.

It is a magic towel, just several drops of water can make it expand to be suitable hands & face tissue. Popular in restaurants, hotel, SPA, travel, camping, outings, home.
It is 100% biodegradable, good choice for baby skin cleaning without any stimulate.
For adult, you can add a drop of perfume into the water and make the wet wipes with scent.

Different options of compressed towels package

Great for personal hygiene in emergencies or just a backup for when you are stuck on extended duty.
Sanitary disposable tissue which is dried and compressed by using pure natural pulp.
The most hygienic disposable wet towel, because it uses drinking water.
No preservative, Alcohol-free, No fluorescent material.
Bacterial growth is impossible because it is dried and compressed.
This is eco-friendly product which is made from natural material that is biodegradable after use.

Post time: Jan-04-2023