Non Woven Disposable Dry Towel Soft Cotton Beauty Towel

Non Woven Disposable Dry Towel Soft Cotton Beauty Towel

Details of Disposable Dry Towel Beauty Towel

Material: Spun-lace Non woven Fabric with 100% Viscose

Color:  white

Size: 24 x 26cm

Weight: 80gsm

Pattern: diamond/dot/pearl pattern

Package: 15pcs/bag, 10pcs/bag

Application: hospital, home, spa, salon, beauty shop, hotel, camping, hiking, etc

Features: wet & dry dual use. super water absorbent when you dry use; super soft and comfortable when you wet use. no chemical, no bacteria, and skin care.



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Who We Are

We are professional manufacturer of non woven cleaning products for 18 years in China.

We have the 3rd party inspection of BV, TUV, SGS and ISO9001.

Our products have CE, MSDS and Oeko-tex Standard certificates.


Our Products Range

We are professional manufacturer of compressed towel, disposable dry towel, multi-purpose cleaning wipes, beauty roll towel, makeup remover wipes and push napkins

Our Values

We focus on new product development, eco-friendly products and cost-save products.

We are a family-owned factory, every member of our family devotes ourself to our products and company.



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We Have More Than 18+ Years Practical Experience in non woven products

This disposable dry towel is made from 100% viscose (rayon), which is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

Why buy from us?

  • It feels good to help the environment
  • Saving money does too!
  • The products are of the highest quality
  • You'll save precious time, goodbye laundry!
  • Fight the war-on-waste
  • Become a more sustainable business
  • Earn good reputation and praise from your customers


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