Disposable towels may be a better choice

Whenever I can wear less makeup and give my skin a breather, I relish the chance to devote some extra time to leveling up in the skin care department. Typically, that means paying extra close attention to the products and water temperature I use — but until I consulted a dermatologist, it hadn't occurred to me just how much my towel usage played a role in my skin's TLC.

Exactly how much does the quality of our towels, and how often we use them, affect our skin? Well, it turns out the answer is quite a lot.
a common mistake people often make is using the same bath towel for both the face and body. Because bacteria and even mildew can be easily transferred through an overused towel。You should use a separate towel for your face, and another one to dry your body after a shower。The products you put on your body, such as fragrances and hair products, should not also come in contact with your face.
Another piece advice is that changing out your used towels for clean ones is paramount: You should only use a bath towel three to four times before throwing it in the wash. For towels used exclusively to dry and clean your face, its more like one to two times. When bath towels are too old, they are no longer as efficient. They will not dry you properly and may collect germs and bacteria over time. That's also why you should replace your towels every other year.

If you are troubled by the choice and replacement of towels, disposable towels may be a better choice for you.
A disposable towel is a single-use alternative to a reusable cloth towel. Disposable materials were originally designed for healthcare delivery and have been introduced to industries outside of healthcare systems, such as resorts, hotels, hospitality, exercise facilities and households.

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The towels are hygienic. Avoid bacterial with disposable towel.
The towels are cost-effective. Save time to clean traditional towel
And save money to use disposable towel compared with traditional towel price.
Once ordinary towels have been dry-cleaned a few times, they start to fade, change colour, and lose their softness.
Our disposable towels will always have the same shade of white and will always be soft.

Post time: Jul-18-2022