• Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Uses

    Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Uses

    Having good moisture absorption and permeability ability, the non-woven spunlace material is widely used on various occasions. The spunlace nonwoven fabric is widely employed in the medical industry and production of personal care products wholesale for its soft, disposable, and biodegradable fea...
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  • Why choose Huasheng as your non woven supplier?

    Why choose Huasheng as your non woven supplier?

    Huasheng was formally established in 2006 and has been focusing on the manufacture of compressed towels and non-woven products for more than ten years. We mainly produce compressed towels, dry wipes, kitchen cleaning wipes, roll wipes, makeup remover wipes, baby dry wipes, industrial cleaning wip...
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  • Shanghai Beauty Expo

    May 12th to May 14th is 2021 Shanghai Beauty Expo, we attended it as advertising our nonwoven products. With COVID-19, we can not attend exhibition overseas, we will carry our samples to overseas again when covid-19 ends. From this exhibition in Shanghai, we realized that nonwoven cleaning produ...
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  • History of Hangzhou Linan Huasheng Daily Necessities Co.,Ltd

    our company started to produce compressed towel in 2003 year, we have no big workshop at that time. and we just names us as Lele Towel Factory, which was an Individual Business. we only produced compressed towels in our backyard in a small house. But at that time, we have so many orders from dome...
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  • Non-Woven: The Textile for Future!

    Non-Woven: The Textile for Future!

    The word nonwoven means neither “woven” nor “knit”, but the fabric is much more. Non-woven is a textile structure which is directly produced from fibers by bonding or interlocking or both. It does not have any organized geometrical structure, rather it is the result of the relationship between on...
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  • We are looking forwarder to building

    We are looking forwarder to building

    Our factory has original 6000m2 working area, in 2020 year, we have expanded working shop with adding 5400m2. With big demand of our products, we are looking forward to build a bigger factory
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  • Purchase new equipment

    Purchase new equipment

    Our factory purchased 3 new lines of production equipment to satisfy our current order capacity of canister dry wipes. With more and more clients’ purchase requirements of dry wipes, our factory prepared more machines in advance so that there is no delay of lead time, and finish several clients’ ...
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  • Professional training

    Professional training

    We have frequent sales team training to improve ourselves. Not only the communication with customers, but also the service to our customers. We aim to provide best service to our customers, help our customers to solve problems during their enquiry communication. Every customer or potential custom...
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  • The Difference between Acupuncture Non – woven Fabric and Spunlaced Non – woven Fabric

    Acupuncture non-woven fabrics are non-woven to a polyester, polypropylene raw materials manufacturing, after a number of acupuncture to be processed from the appropriate hot-rolled. According to the process, with different materials, made of hundreds of commodities. Acupuncture non-woven fabric i...
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  • Is a compressed towel disposable? How can a portable compressed towel be used?

    Is a compressed towel disposable? How can a portable compressed towel be used?

    Compressed towels are a brand-new product that has become more popular in recent years, enabling the towels to have new functions such as appreciation, gifts, collections, gifts, and health and disease prevention. At present, it is a very popular towel. Compressed towel is a new product. Compress...
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