Tips for Using Disposable Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Dry Wipes

They are invaluable helpers that you always have in your kitchen. Every housewife will tell you that kitchen wipes are primarily used as first aid for spilled liquids or smaller impurities. However, we discovered other uses they hide.

Cloth wipes – heaven for bacteria?
Maybe it is enough to say just one word to get your attention. Bacteria.
To avoid them, you should have separate wipes for each activity. One for hands, one for dishes, a third for removing crumbs from tabletops, a fourth...and so on. Honestly, can we pay attention to all of this? If it's just you in the house, then of course. However, we know from our own experience that some family members just aren't good enough. Not to mention the constant washing and ironing of these wipes.

Best friend in the kitchen
Disposable kitchen wipes are therefore a more practical choice than towels. But we haven't mentioned their greatest asset -- their versatility. Besides the kitchen, they can also be used for washing and polishing windows, cars, bathrooms, gardens or pet accidents. But when we take a closer look at the kitchen, they are even more useful.

Always fresh vegetables
No one is pleased when after buying fresh salad it goes bad the next day. Also, half-eaten vegetables and fruit stored in the refrigerator slowly lose their vitamins. Even here you can rely on multipurpose kitchen wipes. Moisten them gently, wrap the vegetables and fruits into them, put them in a bag and store in the refrigerator. They will keep their freshness for much longer. The same applies to herbs!

First aid for moms
Whoever has the honor to be wearing this title, have already experienced their children in the kitchen. We are talking about feeding. Whether you are starting with first mashed meals, or your kid takes the “first steps” in its independence, it rarely goes without a dirty stool, floor, you or your baby. Kitchen cleaning wipes are made for all this dirt, you can even use them as a bib if you do not have them with you at the moment.

Protect your pans and dishes
Some pan surfaces are very sensitive to scratches, especially those that require the use of a wooden spoon. If you're in the habit of stacking them for storage after cleaning, put a multipurpose kitchen wipes towel between them. You won't break their functionality and prolong their life. The same goes for china, crockery and glass storage that you only take out on special occasions.

Disobedient cutting board
I am sure you sometimes get mad when your cutting board runs away from under your hands. Much more if you cut your finger because of it. Try to put a damp multipurpose kitchen wipes under it to prevent it from moving around the table.

Post time: Nov-22-2022