Why Dry Wipes Are Better Than Wet

Using wipes can be an effective way to clear up spills and messes. They’re used everywhere from wiping down surfaces to treating patients in a clinical setting.
There are many types of wipes available to perform different tasks. From wet wipes to dry wipes, different types of wipes can be used in the workplace.
You may be more familiar with wet wipes, which are often used as baby wipes, or as cleaning products. But could dry wipes be a better choice?
Take a look at why dry wipes are better than wet.

Cheaper packaging
Wet wipes require non-absorbent, waterproof packaging to keep them protected. With dry wipes, however, you don’t need this added protection. Different packaging requirements can impact the price of the product, and you may find that dry wipes are cheaper than your average wet wipe product because of this.

Ideal for high volumes of use
Dry wipes are very convenient to have around. If you need many wipes in your line of work, you may prefer to use dry wipes are preferable. Wet wipes can be effective, particularly when dealing with spills or cleaning surfaces, but a dry wipe can have more practical uses to soak up products without spreading them further.

Dry wipes won’t dry out over time
One of the most frustrating things about wet wipes, particularly those that contain alcohol, is that they can dry out over time. This isn’t ideal when you’re rushing to grab a wipe in a hurry.
Dry wipes are designed to stay dry until needed, and therefore can be stored for a long time. Dried-out wet wipes will need to be disposed of, which can be very wasteful. Dry wipes can help reduce the amount of waste you produce as you won’t have to dispose of them as you would with an unused, dry wet wipe.

Use with your own cleaning products
Dry wipes give you the flexibility to use your own cleaning products with them. Wet wipes are already infused with a product, which can make them effective for a lot of purposes. If, however, you’d prefer to use alternative products, then a dry wipe can help accommodate that.
Using a dry wipe is a great solution if you’re trying to cut down on chemical use and favour more environmentally-friendly products instead. They give you more choice, so you can use the products you love and prefer to get the job done.

This cleaning dry wipe is packed with plastic canister/tub, customers just pull from the centre of the roll wipes, one time one sheet, just to clean hands, tables, glasses, furniture, and so on.
Clients buy dry wipes + canisters from us, then refill disinfectant liquids in their country.

They’re highly absorbent
Dry wipes are highly absorbent. In clinical settings, this can help workers attend to spills quickly, keeping both areas and patients clean. They’re made from the same woven cloth as wet wipes, but as they don’t contain any product, their ability to absorb liquids is stronger.

Different weights are suitable for different tasks
Dry wipes come in different weight types to make them suitable for different tasks. Light dry wipes are a good solution for high levels of wastage, helping to cleanse the skin easily.
Heavy-duty dry wipes are more effective at dealing with heavy soiling, and are ideal for patient care.
Having a combination of wet and dry wipes can mean you’re covered on all bases, using them as needed for each task.

Dry wipes are typically made from cotton, meaning they are a safe product to use for cleaning and hygiene purposes. They are fragrance-free, which means they’re less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Wet wipes usually have a form of fragrance, whether it’s chemical or perfume, which means they could irritate the skin.

They don’t contain harsh chemicals
Another benefit of dry wipes is that they don’t contain harsh chemicals. This is great for sensitive skin, but also for the environment. While they may be used with chemicals and other products, used alone, they mean fewer chemicals will be disposed of.

They’re portable
You can transport dry wipes knowing they won’t leak or spill onto other items or clothing. They can be carried everywhere, which makes them ideal for travelling or for carrying in pockets, etc.

Dry wipes from HS
At HS, we supply a number of dry wipes to help ensure your workplace has everything it needs.
Dry wipes have many benefits, making them a valuable asset to your workplace. Whether you buy packs individually or need bulk supplies for your stores, you can trust HS to deliver what you need.

Post time: Nov-15-2022