Honeycomb Pattern Non Woven Compressed Towels Paper Tablets

Honeycomb Pattern Non Woven Compressed Towels Paper Tablets

Product name Outdoor Travel Camping Compressed Tablets Tissue Towels
Raw material 100% Rayon/Viscose
Compressed Size 2cm DIA x 10mm height
Weight 65gsm
Color White
Pattern honeycomb/diamond pattern
Packing candy bag wrapped individually, 50pcs/bag
Feature Compressed as mini coin shape, easy to use, biodegradable, convenient to carry
Logo Customized logo on two sides of compressed towel, customized printing on labels, on boxes, or on bags.
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How to use?

The 1st step: just put into water or add drops of water.
The 2nd step: compressed magic towel will absorb water in seconds and expand.
The 3rd step: just unroll compressed towel to be a flat tissue
The 4th step: used as a normal & suitable wet tissue

compressed napkin 1
compressed tissue 12
compressed tissue 13
compressed towel f


It is a magic towel, just several drops of water can make it expand to be suitable hands & face tissue. Popular in restaurants, hotel, SPA, travel, camping, outings, home.
It is 100% biodegradable, good choice for baby skin cleaning without any stimulate.
For adult, you can add a drop of perfume into the water and make the wet wipes with scent.

compressed towel 11副本
toy wipes
keyboard cleaning


Great for personal hygiene in emergencies or just a backup for when you are stuck on extended duty.
Germ Free
Sanitary disposable tissue which is dried and compressed by using pure natural pulp
The most hygienic disposable wet towel, because it uses drinking water
No preservative, Alcohol-free, No fluorescent material.
Bacterial growth is impossible because it is dried and compressed.
This is eco-friendly product which is made from natural material that is biodegradable after use.

Compressed towel, also known as miniature towel, is a brand new product. Its volume is reduced by 80% to 90%, and it swells with water during use, leaving it intact.

Various kinds of package:

candy bag wrapped individually

10pcs/tube, 400tubes/carton
500pcs/box, 12box/carton
blister wipes 2的副本
magic tissue 25
magic tissue 16
compressed towel in bottle

Non woven Introduction


Compressed towel, also known as miniature towel, is a brand new product. Its volume is reduced by 80% to 90%, and it swells in water during use, and is intact, which not only greatly facilitates transportation, carrying and storage, but also makes towels with new features such as appreciation, gift, collection, gift, hygiene and disease prevention. The function of the original towel has given new vitality to the original towel and improved the product grade. After the trial production of the product was put on the market, it was warmly welcomed by consumers. It was highly praised at the 2nd China Science and Technology Exhibition!


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DIA compressed towels (4)

DIA compressed towels (4)

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