What is cotton tissue used for?

Used it as a disposable face wipe, disposable hand towels, and disposable butt wash for a baby.
They are soft, strong, and absorbent. Used as baby wipes. Makes a great baby wipe. Soft and durable even when wet.

Quick and clean to deal with baby's mess on baby dinning chair.
Used it for both dry and wet way, to clean baby's face,gums and tongue.
These are very soft, sturdy wipes so you can making your own baby wipes.

No redness when use huasheng baby dry wipe to clean baby's bottom.
Must have in diaper bag. It's super soft, no dust, well absorbed of water.
Works really well for preventing diaper red rashes after wiping baby with wet wipes.
Winner baby cotton tissue can ideally use as wet wipes to clean baby's sensitive skin.

Huasheng cotton tissue is made of 100% cotton non-woven fabric, soft like baby skin, highly absorbent, no easy to become small pieces, significantly reduce energy and carbon emissons with its patented spunlace nonwoven technique.
It's prefect alternative to paper towels, cotton pads, face towels and other products.

Post time: Jun-08-2022